Hello! My name is Vincenzo Ligambi. I fell in love with American Akita by chance during a journey around Canada in 2001. I decided then that one day I would breed these dogs. I have been breeding American Staffordshire Terrier for 15 years with a lot of sacrifices and satisfaction.

My dogs obtained several prizes in national and international shows. The blood line of my dogs goes on taking part to shows and obtains important results.

Some years ago I began reading up on American Akita. I found out that these dogs are surprising animals with a noble attitude and a look expressing strength and power. They have a winning personality and over the last few years they have won a great rise in popularity.

The American Akita is a unique mix of dignity, courage, attention and devotion to his family. It’s a territorial dog that can be reserved with strangers. He’s an excellent guard dog that doesn’t bark if not needed.

The American Akita is a very clean animal, easy to adjust himself. He needs a moderate physical exercise with regular walks. He doesn’t eat a large quantity of food and lives for a long time.

Then I decided to buy my first female puppy, belonging to the “Regalias” bloodline. After that I went to France to the “De Champernoune” Kennel where I bought a male puppy. These dogs proved that all the information I had gathered till then were real.

Today my kennel aims at respecting the standard and maintaining the peculiar physical and behavioral characteristics of these wonderful dogs. I’m so happy to have chosen this breed and I hope you will learn to appreciate and love them. If you want to see my dogs, please click on Gallery!